Toronto's Turtle Johnny and Lewis Caunter Join Forces for 'Berryman'

Photo: Mike Neal

BY Sydney BrasilPublished Jun 14, 2024

Toronto's Turtle Johnny has teamed up with Lewis Caunter (BLANKS, Youngest Child) to unearth Berryman, a double single about keeping things silly in trying times. 

The '00s indie rock-tinged tracks — "Make'em Laugh" and "Blue Highway" — are accompanied by a short film made by a cast of the pair's friends. Shot across the city's east end, the film follows the titular Berryman as he makes deliveries, trips out and returns home to his family. All of this stays true to the project's M.O. of airy anxiety.

"Everybody struggles with their day-to-day sometimes, and that's what we wanted to capture with the songs and the video," Shackleton and Caunter tell Exclaim! "I think we all feel the pressure to perform either at work or in our home lives, trying to show that we're okay even when sometimes we're not. It's also about remembering to take the time to be silly with the people you care about."

Watch the Berryman short film below. 

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