"Too Fast to Live, Too Young to Die": Hundreds Fill the Streets of London for Malcolm McLaren's Funeral

'Too Fast to Live, Too Young to Die': Hundreds Fill the Streets of London for Malcolm McLaren's Funeral
Ex-Sex Pistols manager and punk entrepreneur Malcolm McLaren, who died from cancer on April 8 at age 64, may be gone, but he's certainly not forgotten, as his funeral procession today (April 22) proved.

Hundreds of people lined the streets of north London's Camden Town for McLaren's procession, which included a horse-drawn carriage containing a black coffin with the inscription "Too fast to live, too young to die" on it, reports the Associated Press.

Suitably, as part of the procession, Sid Vicious's legendary version of "My Way" was cranked out of a double-decker bus that read as its destination "nowhere" and had its own insignia: "Cash from chaos." The procession's final destination was Highgate Cemetery, where McLaren was buried in a private ceremony.

Some celebrity spottings at the procession (which the BBC 6 Music reports as being initially sparsely attended, but eventually gathering around 200 spectators, some travelling from as far as San Francisco) include musicians Bob Geldof and Adam Ant, and McLaren's former partner and known fashion designer Vivienne Westwood.

McLaren's family has asked people to commemorate his death by observing a "minute of mayhem" at 12 p.m., where they play their favourite records as loudly as possible (the New York Times astutely called this "one last stunt").

Now, that was in a time zone that's way ahead of us here in North America, but no one's stopping us from carrying that tradition over to our time zones (and if noon's already passed where you are, just make it a random minute... it's the chaos that counts, not the punctuality).