To Hell and Back: Richard Hell Redoes Seminal Voidoids Album

To Hell and Back: Richard Hell Redoes Seminal Voidoids Album
Punk reissues are more common these days than wrinkles on Iggy Pop. But punk rock albums that are actually re-recorded decades after their release aren't exactly flooding the music market. Then again, seminal New York punk rocker Richard Hell has always done things his own way. Cue a complete redo on Hell and the Voidoids' second album, Destiny Street, due out on September 1.

This revamped version, entitled Destiny Street Repaired, was recorded with the help of jazz guitarist Bill Frisell, frequent Tom Waits collaborator Marc Ribot and original Voidoid Ivan Julian, and features new vocals and guitars with the original rhythm tracks.

"At the time of the original recording I was so debilitated by despair and drug-need that I was useless," Hell says in a press release. "The record ended up being a high-pitched sludge of guitar noise. It was a shame because the songs were clean, simple, and well-constructed, but those values were sabotaged by the inappropriate arrangements and production."

The album, a follow-up the punk rock-defining Blank Generation, has been out of print since 2006 when Hell himself bought the rights to the album so he could cease production of the version he was unhappy with. Destiny Street was the second and final release by the influential Hell and his Voivods.

Destiny Street Repaired will be available in CD and vinyl, as well as a limited edition version exclusively at Insound. The digipack CD comes with an eight-page booklet with text by Hell. Both formats will include the ten redone original album songs, including covers of Bob Dylan's "Going Going Gone" and the Kinks' "I Gotta Move."

The limited edition version will also feature two bonus songs, the unreleased 1979 demo "Smitten" and a demo version of "Funhunt." All 1,000 limited edition sets include a poster and are numbered and signed by Hell.

Destiny Street Repaired:

1. "The Kid With the Replaceable Head"
2. "You Gotta Move"
3. "Going Going Gone"
4. "Lowest Common Dominator"
5. "Downtown At Dawn"
6. "Time"
7. "I Can Give You Everything"
8. "Ignore That Door"
9. "Staring In Her Eyes"
10. "Destiny Street"
11. "Smitten" (demo) *
12. "Funhunt" (demo) *

* Limited edition bonus tracks