Timber Timbre 'Hot Dreams' (album stream)

Timber Timbre 'Hot Dreams' (album stream)
Get ready for some spooky sounds: the latest album from dark Canadian roots outfit Timber Timbre is here. Hot Dreams is out on April 1 through Arts & Crafts, and it's available to stream in full ahead of time.

The album begins with the characteristically slow and creepy acoustic guitars and atmospheric orchestrations of "Beat the Drum Slowly." From there, "Hot Dreams" is a slinky waltz with ultra-smooth sax from Colin Stetson, "Curtains?!" is an unsettling rocker with lyrics by Simone Schmidt (Fiver, the Highest Order, One Hundred Dollars), and the instrumental "The Three Sisters" closes the collection with chilling horror movie abrasiveness and more sax.

Hot Dreams was co-produced by Simon Trottier. If you're in Canada, you can listen below.

Timber Timbre's upcoming tour schedule includes various international dates including Canadian stops in Toronto (May 23), Vancouver (June 10) and Montreal (September 19). See the schedule (and pre-order the album) here.

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