Timbaland, 50 Cent Named In Steroid Probe

Timbaland, 50 Cent Named In Steroid Probe
Lately steroids have been all the "rage" from the obvious athletic users like Barry Bonds and possibly Rogers Clemens being shoved into the bright interrogating spotlight. Now the hip-hop community is under heat as 50 Cent, Timbaland, Mary J. Blige and Wyclef Jean have all been named in an investigation involving illegal steroid trafficking.

To be clear none of these artists have been directly linked to the offense, but they have all allegedly been supplied with the performance enhancing drugs in an attempt to "stay young looking." Looks like sponsorship deals with diet Pepsi just don't work these days.

An Albany-based investigator claims Florida doctor Gary Bandwein purportedly shipped steroids and human growth hormone (HGH) to Long Island chiropractor Michael Diamond, who then allegedly supplied them to the aforementioned artists. Diamond happens to be an instructor of anti-aging and longevity medicine at New York gym Clay.

Dr. Thomas Barnes, a long-time Newport Beach cosmetic surgeon said, "With men, particularly, they start literally wasting away and aging. The thought is that HGH specifically brings levels of testosterone back up. Benefits can include thickening of hair and skin and a lustre again in the eyes and basically helping the body look more vigorous." Considering the ripped physiques of old-timers like Fiddy and Timba, this HGH stuff seems to work wonders.

50 Cent looking young and full of lustre