Tidal Announces Third CEO in Less Than a Year

Tidal Announces Third CEO in Less Than a Year
It's starting to look inevitable that Jay Z will have to wave goodbye to his streaming service Tidal. The company has seemed doomed from the start with a low number of users and a high cost of entry, but it's not just outsiders who think it's falling apart. Instead, the company is showing signs of struggle in the inside as it keeps switching up its management.

The company has just announced that former SoundCloud executive Jeff Toig will sign on as CEO next month. That's the third Tidal CEO in place since the company launched in March of this year. Their second CEO, Peter Tonstad, stepped down in June.

This follows the recent news that Tidal has recently dipped its toes in some original television programming, with two series in the works.

Here's hoping the service is still around by the time the television shows are complete. After all, even fan favourites like Rdio couldn't survive in the highly competitive streaming market.

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