Ticketmaster and Live Nation Hit with Class Action Lawsuit over COVID-19 Refund Policy Change

The suit comes from an angry Rage Against the Machine fan

BY Brock ThiessenPublished Apr 20, 2020

Following a supposed change to refund policies due to COVID-19, Ticketmaster and parent company Live Nation are facing a class action lawsuit launched by a seriously pissed off Rage Against the Machine fan.

A ticketholder named Derk Hansen has filed the suit, claiming Ticketmaster retroactively revised its refund policy after the coronavirus outbreak forced countless concerts and events to be postponed or cancelled, TMZ reports.

In recent weeks, Ticketmaster has faced widespread criticism when it allegedly changed its policy to only provide refunds for concerts that were cancelled, while denying refunds for events that had only been postponed or rescheduled.

According to Hansen's lawsuit, the fact Ticketmaster is currently excluding refunds for postponed or rescheduled shows is a major problem for ticketholders, who have been put into an unfair position. This is especially true considering the fact that Live Nation's president, as well as health experts, recently predicted that live events will no longer occur until fall 2021 at the earliest.

As Hansen explained in his lawsuit, he bought two tickets in February to see Rage Against the Machine in Oakland on April 21. However, the band's tour has now been postponed indefinitely, but he still can't get a refund. 

The RATM tickets cost Hansen roughly $600 USD, and he's now demanding a refund via the class action suit.

According to the lawsuit, the potential damages are in the excess of $5 million USD, TMZ reports.

As of press time, Ticketmaster and Live Nation have not responded to the lawsuit. However, reports emerged late last week that the ticketing giant would begin to offer refunds for postponed and rescheduled events. So far, though, an official announcement has not been made.

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