Thrill Jockey Celebrates 15 Years with Box Set of Cover Songs

Thrill Jockey Celebrates 15 Years with Box Set of Cover Songs
Thrill Jockey bands old and new have recorded songs for a boxed set to celebrate the Chicago indie label's 15th birthday. Bands were asked to choose a song to cover by any other act on its eclectic roster, ranging from the instrumental post-rock of Tortoise to the alt-country of Freakwater to the avant-garde jazz of Chicago Underground Duo. reports the Thrill Jockey 7" Box Set compilation will be released Dec. 4 on nine seven-inch vinyl singles. The box is marked by the first appearance in years from the bands Directions In Music and Pullman, both of whom feature early Tortoise member Bundy K. Brown. Directions covers Tortoise guitarist Jeff Parker's "Toy Boat," while Pullman tackles the Chicago Underground Quartet's "3 A.M." Bobby Conn, Califone and Thalia Zedek all cover Freakwater songs, while the Sea & Cake rework a version of Califone's "Spider's House." Tortoise covers Japanese artist Nobukazu Takemura's "Falls Lake," and ex-Talking Heads front-man David Byrne contributes a cover of the Fiery Furnaces' "Ex-Guru." Thrill Jockey will host anniversary shows in November on the 11th and 12th at London's Koko, featuring performances by Trans Am, the Sea & Cake, the Fiery Furnaces, Califone, the Zincs, Tortoise, Bobby Conn and ADULT. A Chicago anniversary gig is also in the works for December, with details to be announced.

Here is the song list for the boxed set (original artist in parentheses):

"Underwater Wave Game," ADULT. (Pit Er Pat)
"Bus Stop," Arbouretum (Thalia Zedek)
"Ex-Guru," David Byrne (Fiery Furnaces)
"Jewel," Califone (Freakwater)
"Washed in the Blood," Bobby Conn (Freakwater)
"Two Moons," Angela Desveaux (Arbouretum)
"Toy Boat," Directions In Music (Jeff Parker)
"I Like the Name Alice," Eleventh Dream Day (Sue Garner)
"Passengers," Freakwater (the Zincs)
"UMO," Sue Garner and Rick Brown (OOIOO)
"Boxers," Howe Gelb (John Parish)
"Vampiring Again," John Parish (Califone)
"Flew Out My Window," Pit Er Pat (The Lonesome Organist)
"Mrs. Turner," Archer Prewitt (The National Trust)
"3 A.M.," Pullman (Chicago Underground Quartet)
"Spider's House," The Sea & Cake (Califone)
"Falls Lake," Tortoise (Nobukazu Takemura)
"Flat Hand," Thalia Zedek (Freakwater)
"Blue Marble Girl," the Zincs (Giant Sand)

Califone "Hand”