Three Legged Race Reveals 'Rope Commercial' EP Series

Three Legged Race Reveals 'Rope Commercial' EP Series
Robert Beatty, a founding member of the long-running Kentucky noise group Hair Police, has kept busy with his solo project Three Legged Race. After some projects for the Editions Mego imprint Spectrum Spools, including 2012's Persuasive Barrier LP, Beatty has announced a string of new EPs from the project.

Titled Rope Commercial, the EP series will arrive via Underwater Peoples.

The first of the EPs is said to be "more unsettling" than Beatty's other recent output. As a press release explains, "Rope Commercial Vol. 1 delivers claustrophobic geometries, intensely disfigured narratives, and genre-free experimentation."

The release also sees Beatty continuing a shift away from synthesizers. Instead, the EP includes acoustic instruments like dulcimer and piano working alongside processed samples.

Rope Commercial Vol. 1 will arrive on May 27 via Underwater Peoples as a vinyl picture disc. The release's "All Ajax Dial" can be streamed below.

Rope Commercial Vol. 1:

1. All Ajax Dial
2. Aside From Each Other and Together Overnight
3. New Government
4. The Humidity Mascot
5. Rope Commercial