Thoughts on 2008: Exclaim! Contributor Luke Fox

Thoughts on 2008: Exclaim! Contributor Luke Fox
To tide us over while we indulge in the holiday spirit gorging on stuffing and egg nog, we asked a bunch of our contributors to tell us their thoughts on 2008, as well as their favourite records that helped make it a memorable year. Luke Fox simply chose his "favourite records by rappers who still like to rap":

Atmosphere When Life Gives You Lemons, Paint that Shit Gold (Rhymesayers)
Each song is a mini character-based indie film. I like the one about the waitress and the one about the guy who still sees visions of his dead father. The latter is based on a true story.

Lil Wayne Tha Carter III (Cash Money)
How did Weezy make a grown man sing along to Bobby Valentino? Wee Ooh Wee Ooh Wee...

Wale The Mixtape About Nothing (10 Deep NYC)
"The Kramer" is a more engaging and disturbing N-word analysis than anything on Nas's once N-word-titled album.

The Roots Rising Down (Def Jam)
"I'm half dead, never felt more alive." Dice Raw out-raps Black Thought and Peedi Crack over Jazzy Jeff scratches.

Common Market Tobacco Road (Hyena)
The most underrated.

Black Milk Tronic (Fat Beats)
Another step out of the shadow of the late, great Dilla.

T.I. Paper Trail (Grand Hustle)
"Swagger Like Us" should mark the end of the most abused word of 2008. Batting cleanup, T.I. steals a song featuring Jay-Z, Kanye and Wayne.

Scarface Emeritus (Asylum/Rap-A-Lot)
Screw Farve and Sundin. We need Scarface to un-retire.

Dagha The Divorce (Lewis)
Edan's hypeman turns in a taut, humorous and soulful concept piece. Sometimes you can't stay together, even for the kids' sake.

Jake One White Van Music (Rhymesayers)
The only guy who could pair Freeway with Brother Ali or Posdonus with Slug, then jam those songs in between G Unit thuggery and somehow have it all make aggressive sense.