These Five Subscription Boxes Will Make Perfect Gifts This Holiday Season

The Exclaim! Gift Guide's recommendations for gifts that keep on giving... and giving... and giving
These Five Subscription Boxes Will Make Perfect Gifts This Holiday Season
Worried about braving the shops now that holiday season is in full swing? These subscription boxes need no in-store purchasing, and they'll keep on delivering the goods straight to your loved one's door every month. Here are five of our favourites.

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Vinyl Me Please

With the vinyl revival comes the return of the record club (RIP Columbia House). Vinyl Me Please is one of the longest-running vinyl subscription services, and it's easy to see why. Not only do you get a new essential record every month, the album comes with a limited edition art print and a custom cocktail recipe. Plus, every record has been exclusively pressed for Vinyl Me Please members, immediately making them rare collector's items. (


For the notoriously hard-to-buy-for aggressive music fan in your life comes subscription service Moshboxx. Choose your box size, frequency and heavy music preference (arena rock, metal, "corporate rock") and a new box with CDs, vinyl, pins, stickers, shirts, DVDs and more shows up every month. (

Turntable Kitchen

There are plenty of vinyl- and food-related subscription services, but few bridge that gap. Turntable Kitchen offers hungry music fans monthly pairings: a seven-inch and digital mixtape coupled with three seasonal recipes, a couple "premium" ingredients and tasting notes. Previous pairings include Basecamp with Scandinavian-inspired flavours and Local Natives with a "farmhouse feast." (

Horror Pack

Many a Hollywood studio has been built on the backs of horror films; this dedicated fan base has its own subscription service. The simply titled Horror Pack is a straightforward affair: pick your format (DVD/Blu-ray) and time commitment (one, three, six months or a year) and four new horror flicks appear at your door every month. (

Awesome Pack

Recognizing that nerdy hobbies are rarely siloed, the Awesome Pack mixes and matches a slew of fan-related ephemera in the form of board games, toys and DIY projects and activities into a single monthly box guaranteeing plenty of awesome times for you, your friends and family. (