The Thermals "The Sunset" (video)

The Thermals 'The Sunset' (video)
If you thought Portland trio the Thermals' power-pop arrangement's were punchy, wait until you see bassist Kathy Foster's toss jab and uppercuts like a champ in the video for Desperate Ground's "The Sunset."

Throughout the clip, we see the four-stringer step away from her regular onstage duties in order to train for a big match, with prep work including skipping rope, chasing a chicken in her backyard and busting out fancy dance moves in the dark. Once in the ring, she lets loose those fists of fury, while Hutch Harris does his best Michael Buffer impersonation by announcing everything into a hanging microphone.

If you like the band's moves, don't forget that they're currently on tour supporting Desperate Ground, with the remaining Canadian dates taking place at Toronto's Legendary Horseshoe Tavern tonight (May 21) and tomorrow at Montreal's Il Motore.