The Shins Return with "Dead Alive"

The Shins Return with 'Dead Alive'
Just yesterday (October 25), the Shins shared a mysterious teaser video. And while it came under the title I Gleek on Your Grave — perhaps a bit distastefully making a reference to notorious 1978 rape and torture film I Spit on Your Grave — the teaser is in fact for a new track called "Dead Alive," taking its title instead from Peter Jackson's 1993 cult classic.

"Dead Alive" has come via a new video, and as you could likely guess from all those horror film references, it's very Halloween appropriate. Starting with James Mercer slobbing out on a couch, it features everything from skelebros to drive-in theatres to massive kaiju-like beasts.

Check it out for yourself below. That's the single's cover art above.

The Shins have previously played "Dead Alive" live, but this marks its first proper release. Meanwhile, the last Shins album we had was 2012's Port of Morrow. The band have promised a new album to arrive next year, however.

For now, though, enjoy what the press release calls Mercer's "Halloween gift while you wait for the album."