The Russian Futurists "Keep This Love Alive"

The Russian Futurists 'Keep This Love Alive'
Matthew Adam Hart's the mastermind behind Toronto-based electro-infused indie-pop project the Russian Futurists, and he's ready to reveal what he's been working on for the last little while.

We heard the Jeremy Greenspan-featuring "Cochineal Red" in 2013, but the last full-length album arrived all the way back in 2010 with The Weight's on the Wheels. That could change soon, though, and Hart's getting the ball rolling with the release of a new track titled "Keep This Love Alive."
"I've built up quite a backlog of music in the past few years and now I'm scouring through it all to get something out in 2017," he tells Exclaim! "It will be pretty sample-heavy and feature collaborations with some of my favourite artists. The sound will be slightly different but fans of Let's Get Ready to Crumble and Our Thickness era Russian Futurists should be excited."
The latest offering is an upbeat blend of infectious grooves and wordy, rhythmic vocals that leap across the lines of electronic, pop, soul and hip-hop. You can give it a listen in the player below right now.