The Lonely Parade


BY Sarah MurphyPublished Aug 11, 2016

The Lonely Parade will deliver their sophomore full-length No Shade on September 18 via their own Sleepwalk Tapes, but first, Exclaim! is giving you a preview of things to come with the premiere of upcoming album cut "Newfoundland."
Despite the eastern-looking inspiration behind the new song, the band hail from Peterborough, ON, and they recorded their latest effort at Revolution Recording in Toronto with By Divine Right's José Contreras.
"Newfoundland" starts off with sparse angular guitar notes, slowly adding in vocals before the bass and drums kick in to round out the sound. Bursts of fuzzed-out guitars and manipulated screams add some extra edge, while other snippets veer between bouncy indie rock and more introspective, melancholic noise.
"Our friends always tell us this song makes them want to cry," the band tell Exclaim! "It's pretty much a rollercoaster of sounds and emotions."
It fits in line with the record's themes of feeling uncomfortable and questioning one's place, as well as the shocking self-awareness and confusion that can come with finding oneself in an entirely new or different place.
You can hear that sentiment get translated into music for yourself down below. Just scroll past the band's upcoming tour dates and hit play.
Tour dates:
09/09 Hamilton, ON - Baltimore House
09/12 Oakville, ON - Lourice
09/14 Quebec City, QC - Le Knockout
09/15 Moncton, NB - TBA
09/16 Sackville, NB - Thunder & Lightning*
09/17 Halifax, NS - Radstorm*
09/19 Charlottetown, PE - Baba's Lounge
09/20 Saint John, NB - TBA
09/23 Montreal, QC – Turbohaus (Pop Montreal)
09/24 Ottawa, ON - Black Squirrel Books
09/27 Kitchener-Waterloo, ON - Open Sesame 
09/29 Toronto, ON - Gladstone Hotel ^
09/30 Guelph, ON - TBA
10/01 Sudbury, ON - TBA
10/07 Peterborough, ON - The Spill
10/08 Toronto, ON - Double Double Land

* with Vulva Culture
^ with The Inbreds

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