The Hidden Cameras Announce 20th Anniversary Reissue of 'The Smell of Our Own'

The expanded version of the band's 2003 LP with demos, B-sides and live recordings

BY Alex HudsonPublished Feb 9, 2023

The Hidden Cameras have announced a deluxe reissue of their 2003 album The Smell of Our Own. It will be out April 14 through Rough Trade — exactly one day before the album's 20th anniversary.

This 2LP edition comes on yellow vinyl, and includes demos, B-sides and live sessions. To mark the announcement, the band have shared a TV performance of the album's "Ban Marriage," a CBC Radio performance of "Boys of Melody," plus a short TV documentary from 2002. The 10-song tracklist has been doubled to 20.

Speaking of documentaries, a new doc called Music Is My Boyfriend recently premiered in London, UK. It was filmed in 2002 and only screened once in Toronto in 2005 (under a different title). The film will presumably get a wider release now, although details aren't yet available.

The Smell of Our Own (20th Anniversary Edition) is available to pre-order here. Scroll past the tracklist to see all of the band's newly unearthed videos, including the Music Is My Boyfriend trailer.

The Smell of Our Own (20th Anniversary Edition):

1. Golden Streams 
2. Ban Marriage 
3. A Miracle 
4. Animals of Prey 
5. Smells Like Happiness 
6. The Day Is Dawning 
7. Boys of Melody 
8. Shame 
9. Breathe on It 
10. The Man That I Am with My Man 
11. Fear O Zine Failure (B-Side)
12. Boys Of Melody (CBC Session) 
13. Smells like Happiness (4 Track Demo)
14. Shame (CBC Session)
15. Day Is Dawning (CBC Session)
16. The Dying Galatian (B-Side)
17. Heavy Flow of Evil (B-Side)
18. Ban Marriage (4 Track Demo)
19. Breathe on It (CBC Session)
20. A Miracle (4 Track Demo)

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