The Flatliners 'Inviting Light' (album stream)

The Flatliners 'Inviting Light' (album stream)
Inking some new label deals in late 2016 primed Toronto punks the Flatliners to release their fifth studio LP Inviting Light. Now, the band's latest effort is available to hear in its entirety right here.

Arriving on Friday (April 7) through Rise/Dine AloneInviting Light runs 12 tracks in length and is said to "signify a new chapter for the group who continue to hold fast to the DIY punk-rock ethos that has been at their core since the beginning."

Frontman Chris Cresswell had this to say about the LP's inception:

When we set out to make Inviting Light, we weren't really sure where we were going to end up. Never before have we talked more about the songs we wanted to write before getting in a room and making something happen. More than ever before, we sought to challenge ourselves as a band and as songwriters to cook up something new between us, and reach new territory.

When you spend your 20s on tour travelling the world, you get to see how truly beautiful this planet is, and through a lens most don't have access to. With that unique perspective and the ever moving ground beneath your feet, you wonder who you've been all these years, and also what the person you'll turn out to be will be like.

And though every day may not necessarily be a good one, it always feels good to get together and sing about it. Life will take its toll, and these wheels will keep spinning. To a decade lived dishonest, where at least the feeling's real.

Take in the entirety of Inviting Light in the player below. You can also check out the band's upcoming tour dates here.