The Dudes "Everybody Dies Too Soon" (video)

The Dudes 'Everybody Dies Too Soon' (video)
While the Christmas holiday season has come and gone, long-running Calgary rock crew the Dudes are letting you relive a bit of the fun via a live video captured at their recent 6th annual Christmas Special. A gift worth getting any time of year, the band's concert clip for "Everybody Dies Too Soon" is streaming exclusively through Exclaim!

The video first finds the band busting out of enormous, colourfully-wrapped Christmas presents before locking into the pop-rock groove of their tune. Throughout the track, the Dudes drop some vintage, Family Ties-minded references, a healthy chunk of chugging riff work and more.

As for the performance, it finds the band blasting hard in front of their fan-base, which is being showered in festive balloons. The vid also sees a bottle of Jameson being passed around liberally between the band members, which one could argue isn't just a holiday tradition for the Dudes.

You'll find the live video for the Dudes' "Everybody Dies Too Soon," which comes via Little Jack Films, down below. Apparently the track is a sneak peek of an in-the-works new album from the Dudes.