The Automatic Message "Tabloid" (video)

The Automatic Message 'Tabloid' (video)
Vancouver-based A/V duo Trevor Jacobson and Tanya Goehring have contributed an Automatic Message track called "Tabloid" to an upcoming compilation that is being organized to celebrate the ninth anniversary of Mexican techno boss Ricardo Garduno's Illegal Alien Records.

Their contribution comes on fierce, with as nasty a 4/4 beat as Underworld ever threw down, and quickly hits its minimal stride with a melange of metallic percussion and the escalation of old-school snares, claps and hi-hat samples. The track is hardcore off-kilter techno, something Speedy J or Chris Liebing outta podcast the hell out of and inspire Tresor dreams.

In typical Automatic Message style, the visuals enhance the music. The viewer follows a young woman, apparently so obsessed with tabloid glamour photos that she finally hits the breaking point. She puts on her face and goes to a mall, but she appears isolated. The whole time, she is texting and calling people you never hear reply, smiling at people you never see, and taking selfies for who know what. The sense of unease is palpable, matching the heavy tone of the propulsive, incessant music. The whole package is quite the statement.

Alongside the Automatic Message, the Illegal Alien IX Years compilation will include the work of Mari Mattham, Flug, Echologist, Mental Resonance, A. Mochi, MTD, HD Substance, Aleja Sanchez, Dinamite, Corvum, D_func., Wirrwarr, DJ Saint Pierre, and many more.

You will have to wait until July 18 to pick it up digitally, but you can check out the video for "Tabloid" below now.