Tera Melos "Weird Circles" (video)

Tera Melos 'Weird Circles' (video)
As if the complex indie-pop apocalypse presented on Sacramento crew Tera Melos's recent X'ed Out wasn't strange enough, the band have fit the tellingly titled album cut "Weird Circles" with an anything-goes visual smorgasbord.

Where to begin? To the tune's eerily tense polyrhythmic intro, we see a six-string dumping out shotgun shells, a band member sloppily spooning down a unnaturally neon bowl of Crunch Berries, and a lascivious negative-image lollipop-licking session. Outdoing themselves with pretty well each subsequent shot, Tera Melos demonstrate in the rest of the video that they love foot-on-face massages, wasting toothpaste and relaxing with a good book during a full-on lycanthropy outbreak.

Truly, the band run in the weirdest circles, and you can see for yourself down below.