Television "Horizontal Ascension" (ft. Richard Hell)

Television 'Horizontal Ascension' (ft. Richard Hell)
NYC-based art-rocking quartet Television left behind quite a legacy of classic proto-punk, most notably with their seminal Marquee Moon. Outside of their three-album discography, there are numerous bootlegs that exist, including recordings with punk legend Richard Hell. Among them is recently leaked Hell-sporting track "Horizontal Ascension."

Richard Hell describes his experience with the legendary band with the following statement:

I was in the band for a year... But the peak of my participation in it probably came at about three or four months... It sounds more like what the Neon Boys sounded like than like Marquee Moon-era Television. As great as the guitar playing is on Marquee Moon, the original band was more to the point. It's more like... it came at a time when music was really... boring, you know? It was a return to the values of the Kingsmen and the Sonics and Them and the Velvet Underground. It still had this really beautiful guitar talent -- ecstatic, explosive guitar -- going on as well as this lyrical quality, but it was more driving and crazed."

"Horizontal Ascension" can be streamed below courtesy of Dangerous Minds.