Tegan and Sara Announce 'The Con X: Covers' LP

A selection of their favourite artists will cover the entire 2007 album as part of its 10th anniversary

Photo by Pamela Littky

BY Calum SlingerlandPublished Jul 24, 2017

Tegan and Sara are currently touring The Con to mark its 10th anniversary, with today (July 24) marking the original release date of the 2007 LP. To mark the occasion, the sisters have announced another anniversary surprise with a covers album.

As they explain on their websiteThe Con X: Covers will bring together 14 of the duo's favourite artists to cover all 14 of the record's tracks. Those involved will be revealed in a further announcement.

"When I hear another band or artist cover one of our songs it can be indescribable and pleasantly disorienting — creating hope where there was originally hopelessness or joy where there was only ever regret," Sara Quin wrote in a statement. "A pop song can become a claustrophobic ballad, or an anguished confession might be transformed into a euphoric mantra. In some ways hearing someone else interpret something so familiar is a way to finally be freed from the personal history of the song and to hear it for the first time."

The Con X: Covers will arrive October 13 through Warner Bros., with the label donating net album proceeds to the sisters' LGBTQ organization, the Tegan and Sara Foundation

Read their complete statement here.

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