Teenage Kicks "Shit Eater" (video)

Teenage Kicks 'Shit Eater' (video)
Those damn kids! Teenage Kicks have released a new video for their song "Shit Eater" from this year's Spoils of Youth, and it shows a group a guys up to no good.

In the clip for this rocking tune, we see four young adults getting together for a day of loitering and shenanigans. They scrap amongst themselves, spray a mechanic with gas, smash TVs while skateboarding, fail to heed the "shoplifters will be prosecuted" signs in a convenience store, and light off fireworks while drinking by the river.

All in all, the friends get their teenage kicks and enjoy the spoils of youth. Hopefully, once the cameras were turned off, they retrieved the can that they sent flying into the water.

Watch the Adrian Vieni-directed video below.