Taylor Janzen Details Debut Album 'I Live in Patterns,' Shares Title Track

The Winnipeg singer-songwriter's full-length includes previous singles "Designated Driver," "Something Better" and "Push It Down"

BY Megan LaPierrePublished Dec 1, 2022

Winnipeg's Taylor Janzen has detailed the release of her long-awaited debut album and shared its title track, which features fellow sad song-spinner Alix Page.

I Live in Patterns arrives March 3 via Arts & Crafts / Glassnote. It follows Janzen's pair of EPs — 2019's Shouting Matches and 2018's Interpersonal — and digs through the topsoil of self-acceptance.

"I Live in Patterns has been a long time in the making," the artist said in a statement. "It is an encapsulation of my growth as an artist and a human over the past couple of years. While making this record, I realized how episodic and repetitive my own struggles can feel and while certain things may get better over time, I don't know if they ever fully go away. While those struggles may fade or improve over time, they often present like an old injury that acts up every once in a while, like emotional patterns rather than a complete, linear thing of the past."

Of its thrumming, tenterhook-tipping title track in collaboration with Southern California's Page, the singer-songwriter added:

"I Live in Patterns" is one of my favourite songs I have ever written. Like many of my songs, I wrote it by myself as a coping mechanism for dealing with my brain. I wanted the song to capture the feeling of walking around a suburban neighbourhood at night, feeling like garbage, and listening to your internal monologue running over and over. Because this song is so incredibly personal to me, I wanted to expand this narrative a bit to include what someone else would be thinking about in this scenario. Essentially, I wanted to include someone else's internal monologue for once. This is where Alix comes in! I have been so obsessed with her voice and songwriting for a while and she was generous enough to contribute to the song. She wrote her own verse and added such a painfully beautiful new perspective to the song and I feel like it really pulls the song together.
The lustrous single follows the August release of Janzen's soaring pop jam "Designated Driver," which will be included on the album alongside last year's "Something Better" and "Push It Down."

Listen to "I Live in Patterns" below, where you'll also find the album tracklist in full.

I Live in Patterns:

1. Sunday Morning Introduction
2. Fingers Crossed
3. Push It Down 
4. Nightmare 
5. I Live in Patterns (feat. Alix Page) 
6. Something Better
7. Hotline
8. Designated Driver 
9. Patience
10. It's Alright

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