Tame Impala "Mind Mischief" (video)

Tame Impala 'Mind Mischief' (video)
The hot-for-teacher trope is a played one, for sure, but Australian psych-pop players Tame Impala's new video clip for Lonerism track "Mind Mischief" is a fittingly trippy addition to the canon.

The video kicks off with a geeky private school twerp eyeballing his studious and sexy teacher as she sits upon her desk, but by the time the school bell rings, the two head out to her automobile to fool around. They kiss, French inhale, and eventually get transported into an animated wonderland which disturbingly has the lady squirting the student out of her nethers somewhere in outer space. We'll chalk it all up to being in the kid's mischievous imagination.

Regardless, you can catch the flanger-assisted jam's naughty visuals, including a long-ass tracking shot of the education worker walking down a hallway, down below.

Tame Impala are also about to hop over to North America, with stops schedule in Toronto and Montreal this March. You can see the details here.