Swans Treat 'The Burning World' to Vinyl Reissue

Swans Treat 'The Burning World' to Vinyl Reissue
While Swans are apparently plotting a follow-up to their epic 2012 set The Seer, the long-running New York band's back catalogue will be explored in 2014 through a repress of 1989's The Burning World.

1972 Records will pop a new vinyl pressing of the set into stores on March 4. While The Burning World had been reissued on CD last year through Water Records, this latest vinyl edition is the first time it has arrived on wax since its initial release.

The album had originally been issued through UNI/MCA and is the only entry in the Swans catalogue to have been issued on a major label. The record sold poorly and found Swans dropped from the label shortly after its release. Following the experience, Swans frontman Michael Gira founded Young God Records, issuing the band's White Light from the Mouth of Infinity in 1991.

The Burning World presented a gentler Swans, with a press release noting it features "mournful rock sensibility with some of the most pure hooks Gira ever sang." As opposed to their dark and terrifying post-punk roots, acoustic guitars are showcased on tracks like "(She's a) Universal Emptiness," "Jane Mary, Cry One Tear" and an airy, Jarboe-sung cover of Blind Faith's "Can't Find My Way Back Home."

Interestingly, the album is not a favourite of Gira's, who explained in 2011 that he clashed with co-producer Bill Laswell on the project.

"I abhor that record," Gira told Mojo. "Bill Laswell is a very good producer, but we didn't mesh well. I was intimidated and sang in this cramped, monotone way. It didn't sell, and we got dropped."

The Burning World:

1. The River that Runs with Love Won't Run Dry
2. Let it Come Down
3. Can't Find My Way Home
4. Mona Lisa, Mother Earth
5. (She's A) Universal Emptiness
6. Saved
7. I Remember Who You Are
8. Jane Mary, Cry One Tear
9. See No More
10. God Damn the Sun