Swans Readying New Studio Album and Live Disc

Swans Readying New Studio Album and Live Disc
Fans who were blown away by the reformation of powerfully destructive post-punks Swans and their reunion album My Father Will Guide Me Up a Rope to the Sky, you should probably brace yourselves. The Michael Gira-led outfit have announced not one, but two more albums to drop sometime in the near future.

A statement from the group confirms that they just wrapped up the first sessions for their next as-yet-untitled album at East Berlin's Studio P4 and at fellow dark rockers' Einsturzende Neubauten's studio, Andere Baustelle. Producer Kevin McMahon tracked the tunes and will record the rest at his Marcata studio in New York in October.

While Swans will be recording a handful of epic new tunes, fans may already be familiar with some of the material, as the group have been tweaking the tracks at recent gigs.

"Fans who have seen the recent Swans show will be familiar with some of the new material, which has been developing throughout the tour," the group said in a statement. "They'll also be aware that a few of the songs are now over 30 minutes in length, making their live set a comfortable 2 ½ hours long. As it turns out, the new album will likely approach that length as well."

However, we may get a taste of what's to come a bit sooner than the next album's projected early 2012 release date via a new live recording. The statement continues to explain that Gira is "busy compiling a live Swans album, culled from dozens of live recordings of the recent tour."

While the also as-yet-untitled release will likely hit stores in limited capacity in some form this October, the primary form of release will be a limited-edition, handmade version featuring a wood block print and drawing done by Gira himself that will only be available on his Young God Records website. Any profit made on the live set will go to cover studio costs.