Swans "A Little God in My Hands" (live video)

Swans 'A Little God in My Hands' (live video)
Pretty much anything Swans serves up is a golden gift, and the post-rock adventurists' latest awe-inspiring offering is a stellar, sweaty live video for a recent performance of "A Little God in My Hands." You can check out a "rough edit" of the epic concert rendition down below.

Steered by Chritopher Pravdica's sticky, staccato bass line, the track quickly locks into an assaultive groove. Swans' spiritual leader Michael Gira raises his hands to the heavens amidst the equally jarring and transcendent run-through of the To Be Kind, entering a higher plain with the addition of each instrument. The fans are feeling it too, with crowd shots showing a sea of peeps dialled into the hypnotic hymn.

You'll find the live video down below.

Even more good news for Swans fans: the band revealed over Facebook last week that they start recording their next LP in September.