Suede "Hit Me" (video)

Suede 'Hit Me' (video)
While Suede's comeback disc Bloodsports is a work of art, a pair of ne'er-do-wells spend their time in the new video for album track "Hit Me" defacing a museum full of masterpieces.

Perhaps inspired by the classic glam-style stomp of the Britpop vets' latest tune, the young couple we see in the clip start smashing ancient busts, spray-painting over top of portraits, and flinging crimson buckets of good on all sorts of gallery pieces, only to collapse onto the colourful catastrophe they created. The irony is that the passionate expulsion is a thing of beauty in its own right.

You can see for yourself via the video player down below.

On top of figuring on Bloodsports, "Hit Me" was just released as an EP with two B-sides and a radio edit. You can pick it up now on iTunes