Stumbleine "Clip My Wings" (ft. Violet Skies) (video)

Stumbleine 'Clip My Wings' (ft. Violet Skies) (video)
Behind every good producer there's an even better female vocalist. For Kevin Shields, it's Bilinda Butcher; for Phil Spector, it was his ex-wife Ronnie; and for ambient glitch-hop producer Stumbleine (a.k.a. Peter Cooper), it's Welsh singer-songwriter Violet Skies. The duo's newest EP, Chasing Honeybees, is seeing its release today (February 10) in the UK. But while those of us overseas wait for a North American release, tide yourself over by a watching a video for their new single "Clip My Wings."

The airy clip starts out with a digital hummingbird colourfully combusting over Cooper's snap-heavy beats. As Violet Skies coos about the healing power of love, watch as the technicolour creature blankets the British countryside with its powerful pixie powder as the track climaxes in unison.

Check it out now in the player below. Look out for Stumbleine's upcoming as-yet-untitled full-length with Violet Skies, which is due out sometime in April of this year.

Stumbleine Feat. Violet Skies 'Clip My Wings' from monotreme records on Vimeo.