The Stones Reissued by Captured Tracks/Flying Nun

The Stones Reissued by Captured Tracks/Flying Nun
Quick question: Beatles or Stones? No, we're not talking about the Rolling Stones. We mean the Stones, a New Zealand band who will be the latest team-up release from Captured Tracks and Flying Nun. The compilation Three Blind Mice will be out on March 3.

The Stones were only around from 1981 to 1983. An announcement notes that frontman Wayne Elsey wanted to sound like the Clean, but the band ended up finding their own post-punk style described like this: "Fast, aggressive guitars, driving rhythm section with a knack for fluid pop structures."

During their existence, the Stones released an EP called Another Disc Another Dollar and were one of four bands on the compilation Dunedin Double (which also features the Chills, Sneaky Feelings and the Verlaines and was reissued last year on Record Store Day).

All nine tracks from those two releases appear on the record, as does another tune called "Mother / Father." There's also a downloadable accompaniment to the LP with eight live songs (these are also included on the LP version). See the tracklist below, and listen to three cuts below that [via Brooklyn Vegan].

The comp is available to pre-order here.

Three Blind Mice:

1. Gunner Ho
2. See Red
3. Mother / Father
4. At the Cafe
5. Something New
6. Final Days
7. Down and Around
8. Funky Conversations
9. Surf's Up
10. Fad World

Bonus Live Tracks:

1. It's a Shame (Rumba May 83)
2. We Live (Rumba 15 Dec 82)
3. Everywhere Man (Vic Uni 6)
4. Diamond Dirt (Rumba May 83)
5. Think About It (Vic Uni 6 Dec 82)
6. Looking at You (Albert Tavern P Nth 28 Jun 83)
7. Ward 9 (Rumba May 83)
8. Route 69 (Albert Tavern P Nth 28 Jun 83 Dec 82)