Stereo_IMG 'Exclaim! Mix 04'

Stereo_IMG 'Exclaim! Mix 04'
For the fourth edition of our ever-growing mix series, we've got a very special delivery from la belle province. Montreal producer Stereo_IMG (a.k.a. Patrick Haggart) has been carving a path through the rough terrains of ambient, experimental and techno for a few years now. Coming from a lengthy education in cinematic sound design and music engineering, Haggart's releases, like his latest one on Montreal label North of Nowhere, are a pummelling blend of imagery and artistry.

What makes this mix so unique is the fact that it's not really a mix at all. Everything on here is played live, straight from Haggart's hardware. Not only that, but it's practically all unheard material too. With the exception of "Lustreless," from his recent Textures EP, the mix contains only previously unreleased tracks, and a good chunk of those were created on-the-fly, just for us.

The mix (although performance is probably more accurate) starts and ends with clicks, whirs and a cloud of ambience, but everything in between is plucked straight from techno's baron outposts. Once in full swing, Haggart doesn't really stop here.

There's a ubiquitous pulse throughout his set, and while a dirty 4/4 rhythm continually rears its head, the real "kick" that he brings to table is his use of hi-hats. Every time you think a track has reached its peak, those hats sneak in and make your already-throbbing neck stretch out a little bit further.

Haggart had this to say about his new Exclaim! Mix:

I'm not a DJ, I'm a producer and a live performer, so this mix is 100 percent original music. Some of the music was performed live for this mix but I also threw in some finished tracks of mine. I felt like Exclaim! was a good place to experiment a little and I'm a big fan of hiding odd time signatures and polyrhythms wherever I can in my music. So I start off this mix with a few tracks in 5/4. I've also been trying to get ready for my Mutek show, so the rest of the set is more or less things I've been prepping in anticipation for that performance.

Stereo_IMG is the type of producer that wouldn't seem out of place on Mutek's lineup, so it's no surprise then that he's on the bill for the festival's 2017 edition later this summer. You can get details on the show over here.

Of course, check out his Exclaim! Mix 04 below.

Exclaim! Mix 04:

1. 0:00 - Improvised performance for Exclaim!
2. 3:00 - Improvised performance for Exclaim!
3. 5:40 - Improvised performance for Exclaim!
4. 7:20 - Improvised performance for Exclaim!
5. 9:40 - Wood_B - Stereo_IMG
6. 12:50 - Improvised performance for Exclaim!
7. 15:20 - TEK_013 - Stereo_IMG
8. 18:26 - TEK_012 - Stereo_IMG
9. 20:25 - TEK_009 - Stereo_IMG
10. 22:35 - TEK_001 - Stereo_IMG
11. 26:00 - TEK_002 - Stereo_IMG
12. 29:44 - TEK_005 - Stereo_IMG
13. 34:30 - TEK_008 - Stereo_IMG
14. 37:22 - Improvised performance for Exclaim!
15. 40:23 - TEK_011 - Stereo_IMG
16. 46:36 - Lustreless - Stereo_IMG (North Of Nowhere Records)