Stardust Detail "Music Sounds Better with You" Reissue

The iconic single from the Daft Punk offshoot arrives on vinyl and streaming services next month
Stardust Detail 'Music Sounds Better with You' Reissue
Last year, Stardust revealed plans to remaster "Music Sounds Better with You" for its 20th anniversary. Now, the trio of Daft Punk's Thomas Bangalter, producer Alan Braxe and vocalist Benjamin Diamond have finally revealed when the track will return to vinyl and debut digitally.

The song will arrive on streaming services and will be reissued as a single-sided 12-inch vinyl record on June 28 through Because Music

The physical single will feature the French house staple pressed to black vinyl, with the record's B-side featuring a roulette etching — a nod to Bangalter's Roulé record covers. Physical editions are available for pre-order here.

Speaking with Billboard last year, Braxe said the remastered track won't sound drastically different from the original. "We did some very subtle compression," he explained. "It sounds a bit like on the original 12-inch."

Watch the video for "Music Sounds Better with You" in the player below.