Soundtrack for 'The Order: 1886' Gets Vinyl Release

Soundtrack for 'The Order: 1886' Gets Vinyl Release
We had some issues with the storyline of the recently released PlayStation 4 game The Order: 1886, but it has nevertheless been praised for its snazzy production values. Soon, it will be possible to enjoy the game's music on vinyl without having to endure the story, since the score from composer Jason Graves is getting pressed on wax. It will be available on April 6 through Music on Vinyl.

It's a fairly deluxe-looking package, since the 21 tracks are pressed on a 180-gram gold marbled record and housed in a gatefold sleeve. Each record in the initial pressing of 500 will be numbered. There's no word as to what colour future pressings of the record will be.

Graves is a renowned videogame composer who has scored Dead Space, Tomb Raider and more. Scroll past the tracklist below to hear the orchestral opening cut "The Knights' Theme."

This soundtrack has previously been released digitally on iTunes.

The Order: 1886:

A1. The Knights' Theme
A2. The Enduring Pride
A3. Airborne Pursuit
A4. The Rampage
A5. Agamemnon Rising
A6. The Darkness Within
A7. Commandeered
A8. In the Darkest Hour
A9. The Covenant
A10. The Hidden Enemy
A11. A Knight's Burden
B1. The Rebellion
B2. An Uneasy Alliance
B3. The Knighthood
B4. The Edge of Sanity
B5. The Scourge
B6. The Enemy's Den
B7. The Trial
B8. Brother, Let Us Embrace
B9. Last Man Standing
B10. Sir Galahad