Songs: Ohia's 'Hecla & Griper' to Receive Expanded Vinyl Reissue

Songs: Ohia's 'Hecla & Griper' to Receive Expanded Vinyl Reissue
Songwriter Jason Molina tragically passed away last month, but soon fans will be able to revisit one of his classic works with Songs: Ohia via a 15th anniversary edition of the 1997 EP Hecla & Griper.

Arriving April 30 via Secretly Canadian, the reissue will mark the first time the collection has ever been available on vinyl. Even better, the original eight-song EP comes beefed up with four bonus tracks; two of these are previously unreleased ("Debts" and "Pilot & Friend") while the other two were later redone for 1998's Impala ("Hearts Newly Arrived" and "One of Those Uncertain Hands").

The songs were recorded by Molina and his band in the summer of 1997 with producer Dan Burton in Bloomington, IN. A press release describes the songs as "odes to the love of loss and reggae friends. If you have ever found the other pillow empty in the morning, this is what you need to dry your tears."

This reissue is due to arrive shortly after a high-profile benefit compilation in honour of Molina.

Hecla & Griper:

1. Pass

2. All Pass

3. Defenders

4. Declarer

5. East Last Heart

6. Reply & Claim

7. Advice to Aces

8. Darling...

9. Debts (bonus track)

10. Pilot & Friend (bonus track)
11. Hearts Newly Arrived (Hecla Session bonus track)

12. One of Those Uncertain Hands (Hecla Session bonus track)