Sondre Lerche Announces New LP

Sondre Lerche Announces New LP
Norwegian pop great Sondre Lerche has been relatively quiet since the release of his 2009 album Heartbeat Radio, returning in 2010 for a brief EP. This year, however, Lerche will return with his sixth studio album, a self-titled record that was recorded with Kato Ådland and Nicolas Vernhes (the Dirty Projectors, Animal Collective).

Speaking with NY Mag, Lerche described the album with the following statement:

This record is very essential and intense. It still has a lot of the stuff that I really value in music, but it has a stronger purpose. It's not just there for the aesthetics of it, this sort of genre exploration. Sometimes you make a record that is what you want to hear. I've made a couple of those, idealized creations of what I wanted to hear. Then there are records that are what you feel. This one, in a way, has a little bit of both. It is, for better or worse, how things feel at this point in my life.

While we don't have the tracklisting or album art just yet, we can confirm that Sondre Lerche will be available on June 7 via Mona Records.

UPDATE: Lerche has now announced a corresponding North American tour. Canadian dates include Toronto on May 31, Montreal on June 1 and Vancouver on June 24. You can see all the dates here.