Someone Is Selling Shirts Emblazoned with Kurt Cobain's Suicide Note

Someone Is Selling Shirts Emblazoned with Kurt Cobain's Suicide Note
Kurt Cobain's legacy has been memorialized in many ways, ranging from upcoming documentaries to Rock and Roll Hall of Fame concerts. The latest tribute, however, is bound to make many Nirvana followers wince, as someone has turned his suicide note into a T-shirt.

According to reports, the fan-made shirts first emerged on Etsy, but have since been taken down. They're still available on eBay, however, where they're being sold for $25.19 U.S. ($30.10 Canadian).

That's what they look like above. As you can see, Cobain's hand-scrawled note is printed on a baseball shirt with 3/4 sleeves, meaning that this is a fashion faux-pas in more ways than one. It probably goes without saying that these are unofficial and unsanctioned by the band; a note on the eBay auction confirms that these are "made by me."

These shirts have made a bit of a stir across the internet in the last couple of days, with many folks understandably taking offence to this apparent attempt to cash in on tragedy. It's worth mentioning, however, that this is hardly the only fan-made item that questionably commodifies Cobain's death. On Etsy, someone is selling an extremely gory statue designed to look like the singer's head following his death. (We're not going to link to it because it's truly horrifying, but curious individuals will be able to search it out easily enough.)

For those who prefer to remember Cobain in less morbid ways, the official documentary Montage of Heck will come to HBO on May 4. It will apparently include unheard music.

UPDATE: eBay has now removed the T-shirts following a petition launched by outraged fans.