Somebody Turned Justin Trudeau's "Moistly" Speech into a Club Banger

As far as coronavirus jams go, it's pretty good
Somebody Turned Justin Trudeau's 'Moistly' Speech into a Club Banger
Prime Minister Justin Trudeau put the entire country in a state of unease on Tuesday (April 7) while giving one of his daily press conferences amid the ongoing coronavirus pandemic. During the address, while he was outlining the benefits of wearing a mask while travelling in public, the PM used an unfortunate — and now infamous — choice of words to describe the way in which COVID-19 spreads: by "speaking moistly."

"[A mask] protects others more than it protects you," Trudeau said of using a mask in public before dropping the cringe-bomb. "It prevents you from breathing or speaking moistly on them."

Showing instant regret, he followed up his "moistly" comment by saying, "What a terrible image."

Now, a YouTube user named anonymotif has remixed his speech — and it's actually a hit.

"Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau premiered his new single 'Speaking Moistly' at a press conference yesterday, much to everyone's cringey delight," the user wrote of the song.

In the track, Justin urges listeners to "keep two metres apart" and wear masks to "prevent you from speaking moistly," all while backed by '80s-reminiscent synth-pop instrumentals.

anonymotif has an extensive remix catalogue of politicians singing their addresses. In 2014, they made a Ford Nation song from speeches given by Toronto's former mayor, Rob Ford. 

Listen to the abomination below, and be warned: it is an earworm.