The Soft Pink Truth "Teachers" (Daft Punk cover)

The Soft Pink Truth 'Teachers' (Daft Punk cover)
Last month, Matmos member Drew Daniel released Why Do the Heathen Rage?, a new album of black metal covers. In a similar spirit (namely, pissing off black metal fans), Daniel has returned with a cover of Daft Punk's "Teachers."

The track, a cut-up, four-on-the-floor banger complete with bizarre metal stabs and updated lyrics, is precisely as weird as we'd expect from Daniel working under this moniker. Instead of the original shouting-out the likes of DJ Hell, Jeff Mills, Green Velvet and Luke Slater, we have Daniel giving props to Black Sabbath, Eyehategod and Merzbow.

Check out the Soft Pink Truth's take on "Teachers" below.

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