The Soft Moon "Die Life" (video)

The Soft Moon 'Die Life' (video)
The flatscreen revolution has had many of us dumping our clunky and unsexy older TVs for something a little sleeker. Just look in a nearby alley or the bin behind a recycling centre, and you'll no doubt find scores of boxy 32-inchers. The good news for the ancient pieces of equipment, as far as Oakland post-punks the Soft Moon are concerned, is that the refuse makes for cheap video props. Enter the band's "Die Life" video.

The Zeros number gets treated to a black and white clip featuring stacks of old-school TVs dialed into a fuzzy transmission, with the glow illuminating the band members as they whap their Fenders and plunk out synth sounds on the chilling industrial dark-pop number. You can check out the screen-shattering experience down below.