Sneaky Feelings' Debut Album Reissued by Flying Nun/Captured Tracks

Sneaky Feelings' Debut Album Reissued by Flying Nun/Captured Tracks
The collaboration between indie labels Captured Tracks and Flying Nun continues. With a compilation of the Stones due out on March 3, the two labels have now announced announced another archival reissue: Sneaky Feelings' 1982 debut album Send You will be out in expanded form on March 31.

Like the Stones, Sneaky Feelings appeared on the legendary four-band comp Dunedin Double. The liner notes by Nick Bollinger observe, "Over the years there has been a lot of talk about the so-called 'Dunedin sound.' Dunedin's Sneaky Feelings were a band whose ambitions and interests went much wider than any generic 'sound.'"

This reissue packages the album along with the early singles "Be My Friend" and "Husband House," plus recordings from later radio sessions. Some of these appeared on a 1992 CD reissue.

The set is available on double-vinyl, CD or digital download. For a taste of what it sounds like, scroll past the tracklist below to hear a three-song sampler containing "Strangers Again," "Ready or Not" and "Someone Else's Eyes."

Send You:

1. Waiting for Touchdown
2. Throwing Stones
3. Strangers Again
4. Someone Else's Eyes
5. Not To Take Sides (Reprise)
6. Not To Take Sides
7. P.I.T. Song
8. Won't Change
9. Everything I Want

Bonus tracks:

10. Be My Friend (Re-Edit)

11. Husband House

12. The Strange and Conflicting Feelings of Separation and Betrayal

13. Major Barbara

14. Ready or Not

15. Cry You Out of My Eyes

16. Maybe You Need to Come Back