Snasen 'Grok' (EP stream)

Snasen 'Grok' (EP stream)
Norwegian electronic musician Snasen is currently in the process of prepping a full-length record for 2015, but along the way he ended up with an entirely separate set of tracks. Featuring five songs recorded after the making of his forthcoming LP, Grok is officially out today (November 17) via Sellout!, and you can listen to it right here on

The sound artist took the name for the new EP from Robert A. Heinlein's sci-fi novel Stranger in a Strange Land, which translates as "to understand intuitively or by empathy." The name reflects the process of making the EP, which was a much quicker one than his usual meticulous methods of making music.

"I tried to let the tracks breathe on their own and not try to over think them and just let intuition run its course," Snasen said in a statement. "I was tired of the endless editing of the record and needed to get away from the technical aspect of producing and just play with sound again."

A recent press release notes that despite the change-up in process, Snasen's "sludgy signature sound," "finely chiseled rickety percussion" and "tactile textured synths" all remain in tact on the new set of tracks.

You can hear for yourself what the new material sounds like by listening to Grok in the player below.