Slumberland Reissues Chin-Chin's <i>Sound of the Westway</i>

BY Josiah HughesPublished Apr 2, 2010

Biel, Switzerland's Chin-Chin formed in 1982, and after a slew of singles, released their only album in 1985. Called Sound of the Westway, the album was recorded and mixed in one week, and showcased the band's "punk-informed crunch and buoyant pop melody." The album worked well with the C86 scene that was also occupied by the Shop Assistants and the Pastels.

Now, Slumberland and Mississippi Records have teamed up to give Sound of the Westway some proper reissue treatment. The album, which has been long out-of-print, will be getting fully remastered and receiving new artwork, and will be available on both CD and LP.

Righ now you can download the album track "Dark Days" here and look for Sound of the Westway to hit your record store on April 13.

Sound of the Westway:

 1. "Dark Days"
2. "My Guy"
3. "Never Surrender"
4. "Even If It's a Lie"
5. "Jungle of Fear"
6. "Why Am I So Lonely?"
7. "Room of Sadness"
8. "War"
9. "Love Song"
10. "Proud Soldiers"
11. "Stay With Me"
12. "Dead Life"
13. "Why Am I So Lonely II"
14. "Da Doo Ron Ron / My Boy Lollipop"

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