Slow Learners Set to Work on New 7-Inch and EP

Slow Learners Set to Work on New 7-Inch and EP
Late last year, Vancouver grunge-pop trio Slow Learners delivered their excellent debut 7-inch "Grocery Store" / "Your Friends," but unfortunately the band have been, well, slow to follow up that release with more material. According to singer-guitarist John Johnston, though, the wait is almost over, as the group are prepping a couple of releases for 2013.

Speaking with Exclaim!, Johnston noted that the band uploaded new tune "Habit" to their Bandcamp page a little while ago, and it will be featured as the A-side to Slow Learners' next 7-inch, which was recorded by Black Mountain drummer Josh Wells.

While "Grocery Store" / "Your Friends" was issued via Vancouver's Scumbuzz Records, Johnston will press the next single himself.

"I'm starting up a little label," he explained, while adding that the front-runner for the as-yet-unnamed imprint is Nihilist Stihilist Records. Johnston adds that the label will be a joint venture with visual artist Kevin Romaniuk, one of the founders of the Acid Sweat Lodge blog.  

The band leader also noted that the flip side of the new single will be "Party Police," a fuzzy and feisty pop-punk nugget the troupe actually premiered on Exclaim! TV last February. "It's a track that Sean [Hawryluk, bassist] sings. It's really fun and awesome, and I'm stoked for people to hear it."

While a release date has yet been set in stone, Johnston hopes to have the wax platter out by January. That same month, the band will enter the studio with Vancouver producer Jesse Gander (Japandroids, White Lung, the Pack A.D.) to record a six-song EP, which the unit expect should be delivered to the masses by next summer.

In the meantime, you can check out both the studio version of "Habit" and a live performance of "Party Police" down below. Also, if you're in Vancouver, Slow Learners will play LanaLou's with Ford Pier Vengeance Trio on October 12.