Slow Learners "Grocery Store" / "Your Friends"

Slow Learners 'Grocery Store' / 'Your Friends'
Earlier this year, we showed you a rough mix of "Grocery Store," the first recorded sample of Vancouver scruff rockers Slow Learners. Now, that song is available on the group's debut seven-inch, which can be streamed in its entirety right here.

Composed of members from Ladyhawk, Baptists and Congress, Slow Learners are no strangers to Vancouver's underground rock'n'roll landscape. Still, this music sounds very little like those projects, with a mussed-up punk sound colliding with the band's knack for ear-pleasing melodies.

The Slow Learners seven-inch is available now from Scumbuzz Records. A record release party is taking place at Vancouver's Astoria tonight (October 21). The entire release can be streamed below.