Slash Wants To Squash Beef with Axl

BY Josiah HughesPublished Apr 7, 2010

Guns n' Roses front-man Axl Rose has had nothing but hate for his former band-mates, with a particular dislike for former axe-man Slash. Rose was even accused of banning any Slash merchandise from Gn'R shows, a claim he vehemently denied. Still, the chances of Rose and Slash patching things up have been slim, until now.

Taking a break from calling things "gay," Slash went on the record to say that he's willing to befriend Rose, if that were a possibility. "I'm more standoffish because I know how vehemently he hates me," he said in an interview with the New York Post. "But if we ran into each other and all that animosity were to pass for a second, then I'm sure we could have an interesting conversation."

Slash goes on to give Guns n' Roses' 2008 effort, Chinese Democracy, some high praise. "It was the perfect Axl record - exactly what I would have expected from the final years of us working together, and seeing where he was headed musically. It's very heavy, sort of a dark, depressing record. He's fucking phenomenal."

In other words, if Axl can cage his insane anger a proper Gn'R reunion could be possible in the future. It's something he should seriously consider, as he definitely needs the money.

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