Silhouette Brown "Leave A Note"

Silhouette Brown 'Leave A Note'
TRACK OF THE DAY: Dego, of 4Hero fame, and accomplished West London underground futuristic soul instrumentalist Kaidi Tatham first linked up to deliver the inaugural, self-titled Silhouette Brown project about five years ago. As one of many side projects the duo are both involved in, it's taken them a while to reconvene to complete two, due next month on Dego's 2000 Black label. But early indications are that it's been worth the wait.

Given the time lapse, there have been a few changes. UK vocalist Deborah Jordan appears to not be involved this time around and Dego has relocated from London to the U.S. However the songwriting and production core of Dego and Tatham as well as inimitable vocalist Bembe Segue remains.

Unlike the positive and uplifting themes that ran through their debut full-length, "Leave A Note" takes on the decidedly darker topic of suicide. While the oft-invoked refrain seems to indicate the decision has already been made ("I want to dream forever/Just let me dream forever/And rest my head/ In a pool of red"), pinch-hitting Philadelphia soul vocalist Lady Alma, (probably best known for elevating 4Hero's "Hold It Down"), anguishes over the finality of the act without trivializing it, yet chillingly leaves the matter unresolved.

Listen to Silhouette Brown's "Leave A Note" here.