Sigur Rós Announce DVD Release for 'Valtari Mystery Film Experiment'

Sigur Rós Announce DVD Release for 'Valtari Mystery Film Experiment'
Melancholy Icelandic troupe Sigur Rós' just wrapped up their Valtari Mystery Film Experiment, which added intriguing visuals to each of the tracks from their latest album, Valtari. Now, those films are being compiled by XL Recordings for release digitally on February 5 and on DVD on March 5.

The project saw Sigur Rós enlist 12 filmmakers to create films for their musical compositions, including Canucks Floria Sigismondi and John Cameron Mitchell. The films were then screened in cities across the world, including Vancouver, Ottawa, Toronto and Montreal. The last Canadian screening is tonight (December 10) in Palmerston, ON.

A tracklist for the DVD release is below, along with the last video of the series, "Leaning Towards Solace."

Valtari Mystery Film Experiment DVD Tracklist:

1. Varúð (directed by Inga Birgisdóttir)
2. Valtari (directed by Christian Larson)
3. Ég anda (directed by Ragnar Kjartansson)
4. Ekki múkk (directed by Nicholas Abrahams)
5. Varðeldur (directed by Clare Langan)
6. Leaning Towards Solace (directed by Floria Sigismondi)
7. Seraph (directed byDash Shaw/John Cameron Mitchell)
8. Dauðalogn (directed by Ruslan Fedotow)
9. Rembihnútur (directed by Arni & Kinski)
10. Fjögur pianó (directed by Alma Har'el)
11. Ég anda (directed by Ramin Bahrani)
12. Varðeldur (directed by Melika Bass)
13. Varúð (directed by Björn Flóki)
14. Dauðalogn (directed by Henry Jun Wah Lee)
15. Fjögur pianó (directed by Anafelle Liu)
16. Varúð (directed by Ryan McGinley)