Sights & Sounds "Within My Reach"

Sights & Sounds 'Within My Reach'
It's been a while since Comeback Kid offshoot Sights & Sounds delivered any new sounds, but the rock-geared project have returned from the abyss with a new single. The track is called "Within My Reach," and you can grab it online now.

While Andrew Neufeld is often ripping his vocal cords to shreds with Comeback Kid, Sights & Sounds allows him to offer up a cooler, half-whispered croon. He uses this against atmospheric guitar textures and a driving rock beat.

You can hear the results in the stream down below, while "Within My Reach" will be available to download tomorrow (September 30). 

The cut was recorded at Cylinder Sound Studios in Toronto with producer Adrian Mottram and later mixed by Eric Ratz. In addition to unveiling this new tune, Neufeld told Rock Sound that Sights & Sounds are in the middle of writing a new album.

While Sights & Sounds released the Silver Door EP in 2013, they haven't issued a full-length since 2009's Monolith.