Sic Alps' Mike Donovan Taps Ty Segall for Debut as Peacers

Sic Alps' Mike Donovan Taps Ty Segall for Debut as Peacers
A couple years after calling it quits with San Francisco outfit Sic Alps, the band's Mike Donovan is getting ready to send more psych-styled songs our way with new project Peacers.

A self-titled debut is due July 17 through Drag City, with whom Donovan's Sic Alps had also released a few LPs. The label's famously obtuse press release style explains that the set was inspired by the "Bratish Invasion," and puts the focus on "compressions and crushes, bone-shakes and glutinous thinks," as well as "a wisp of the blues."

The set was co-produced and co-performed with Ty Segall, "whose rhythm sections and arrangement-commendations re-cast most of the tunes on the rec with copacetic co-ness!" It's hinted that the set is also slathered in reverb and "wireless hiss interference."

The first tease from the set is the lo-fi psych-folk flingin' "R.J.D. (Salam)," which mixes acoustic strums and chill vocals with Blue Cheer guitar wailing. Peace be unto you, you can stream the song beneath Peacers' tracklisting.


1. At the Milkshake Hop 
2. R. J. D. (Salam)
3. Laze It 
4. Institution Shave 
5. Piccolo and Ant 
6. Mary Jane / Glorious Sunrise 
7. The Kid 
8. Heiress Chilton 
9. Kick on the Plane 
10. Scandi Mindy 
11. Clay Center, KS 
12. Leicester Bride 
13. Drama Ensues 
14. Blume 
15. Super Francisco